Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ishawu the Miracle Boy

Over a year ago, we began helping support a young Muslim boy named Ishawu who was malnourished to the point that he had not walked his entire life.  Ishawu lives with his widowed mother and younger sister, Adijah.  Some of you will remember this picture:

This past summer, we met Ishawu for the first time.  He was so excited to show us how he could now walk, thanks to many prayers, medical intervention and nutritional supplements. 

Ishawu's family is Muslim and there are no Christian churches in his village.  Last Sunday, Ishawu and his uncle surprised the Shalom Baptist church congregation of Tarikpaa village when they showed up for church.  Here are the words of IHH Missionary Pastor, Ziblim Mohammed:

At our worship service today Sunday in Shalom Baptist Church we received a special visitor in the person of Ishawu. He came all the way from Zugu village to visit and worship with us,he came with his uncle,  Fatawu. Everybody in the Church was happy to see Ishawu visit,because everybody is aware that Ishawu could not walk for six years,but by God's grace he was able to walk since last year.
Ishawu took home some nutritional food that was prepared by Dorcas for him and Adijah to be feed. He was rejoicing on his way home. I am not sure that his joy was in the gifts he received from the members but for being part of the fellowship for the first time.
God bless all of you for offering yourselves for God to use in changing the lives of this family.

 Ishawu at his first church service at Shalom Baptist Church
Tarikpaa Village
Ghana, West Africa