Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shalom 2011 Easter Celebration

Dear Brethren in the Lord,

I am more than the word happy to share with you the beautiful pictures of our 2011 Easter convention.Today was a great day for me in the ministry of God.  I can't imagine leading over 500 people to enter into His gate with praises and worship.Shalom Baptist Church new building was full up with a sitting capacity over 500 people,today affirmed that our new Church building sitting capacity is more the 400 capacity as we proposed,we are very excited that the Lord has used this ordinary and poor members to do this great work.I thank all our partners for their support to put up such a big auditorium in a village like Tarikpaa,we are proud of you all.I also want to thank you all for supporting me in prayers when i was preparing to lead the Association today in our worship service,the Lord used me in an unexpected way to bless His people.Glory be to His name.

Not that alone,for the past three days we have been examining the Second Advent(coming) of our Lord Jesus Christ and it was a moment of discovery, insight and life touching.

I hope you all experience the same way as we did here in Tarikpaa Village.May the Lord show you His favor and smile on you as you celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Your fellow servant in Christ,
Pastor Mohammed.

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