Monday, June 27, 2011

June 26 - Worship at Shalom

Today was a beautiful Africa day.  It is the rainy season here so the weather is fairly mild, which means it was in the 80's.  We enjoyed a breakfast of omelets and yeast rolls before heading out to Tarikpaa village.

Our first trip to the village is always filled with anticipation knowing we will see old faces and make new friends.  African church worship is so unique and different than most American church worship. There seems to be so much more freedom of worship here and we enjoy every minute of it.

Last year, upon returning home, one of our team members, Jackie Castro, wrote and recorded a song about her experience here.  It was called "Rescue the Perishing".  Today Jackie, along with Joseph, Jillian, Tayler and Colton sang that song for the church members.  They loved it.  Jackie commented later that it was very special to her to be able to sing the song she wrote about these people to these people.

After worship and fellowship with our Shalom friends, we headed back to the guesthouse for lunch and rest. 

Later on in the day we went to meet with Rev. Baba Elisha.  He is of the Kasena tribe.  As part of our mission this year, we are going as a team to do some research and make contact with this tribe to see if there is a possibility of doing a church plant there in the future.  The tribe is located further north, almost to Burkina Faso.  We would appreciate your prayers as we seek God's favor in this situation.

Cynthia Napari, Paul's wife, cooked dinner for us.  She made chicken and jolof rice.  The fruit here is amazing, so we always have mango, pineapple, banana,, watermelon and/or oranges with our meals.

We are really excited to see what God has in store for this team and the people in the villages.

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