Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shalom Preschool Update

Shalom Preschool children enjoying their lunch, which is sprinkled with plant-based nutritional supplements from Manna Relief.

Mariam lost her father when she was one year old.  The widow being poor could not provide proper diet to Mariam which affected her growth and health,because she was beginning to suffer malnutrition.  Thank God for Mariam because of this nutritional supplement. As you can see her in the picture for yourself, Mariam is now very healthy.

Update from Preschool Administrator, Pastor Ziblim Mohammed

I was able to conduct a thorough investigation about the pre-school children who are feeding on the nutritional supplement. Their parents confessed to me that they have seen positive change in their children's health due to the provision of the nutritional suplement. Most of them told me that their children used to be sick with various deseases and sickness but when they started taking the nutrition those sickness disappeared and the children are now growing healthy.
Moreover, many of these children were been taking to hospital frequently for treatment, but now is not so they visit hospital once a while. And Cheryl, today as I also take a close look at these children while they were in class, I can see all of them looking very healthy. This is not common among the children who don't take the nutritional suplement. The suppelement makes the difference in the lives of these pre-school children from the other children in the community.
Thanks to the dornors for making this difference in the lives of these poor children.

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