Saturday, July 9, 2011

July 5- Mole National Park by Jillian

We woke up at 6:30 this morning to begin the three hour journey to Mole National Park. Everyone, for the first hour and a half listened to music and attempted to sleep down the bumpy dirt road. After forty-five minutes of bouncing up and down, I gave up on sleep. After an hour had passed we heard a clank, and Mr. Nash, our driver pulled over. He got out of the van, muttered, "exhaust pipe," and kept driving. We could hear the pipe dragging against the road as we enetered a town. The village people's heads turned, wondering what that awful noise was. Joseph joked, "yes, look at all the white people." Soon we heard a louder clank, and Mr. Nash retrived the broken off exhaust pipe, and then continued driving as if nothing had happened.
We arrived at Mole- yes, the car in one piece (minus the exhaust pipe)- and saton the observation deck where we could see elephants bathing in the water hole a distance off. I was a little scared by how comfortable the monkeys and baboons were around us. As we were eating lunch, we saw a baboon jump on a table, and grab the salt shaker. He ran off with it, and we watched him pop off the lid and empty the salt into his mouth. We heard the baboons liked to open doors and go into people's rooms (a warning to keep our door locked).As we were walking to put our bags in our room, a guy told us a babook walked into his room, stole his cliff bars, leaving nothing but the wrapper on his bed. We also saw one walk into the ladies' restroom.
Our team took the 3:30 driving tour. Our guide (with a loaded rifle) took us to a watering hole and we saw a momma elephant with three of her babies. I didn't realize how huge the momma was until she got out of the water. She stood about 20 feet tall. It was such an experience to observe them in their natural habitat. I just kept repeating to myself, "wow, this is so cool."

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