Monday, July 11, 2011

One Team for God

Our remaining 8 team members arrived in Tamale on Sunday, a day later than expected.  There was a mix-up with date on the airline tickets from Accra to Tamale, so they got to spend their day traveling to Bodi Falls to see a beautiful waterfall and other sites.  The toughest thing for them was getting up at 3:00am two days in a row!  We are so happy to have them here.

On Sunday, Team 2 worshipped with our friends at Shalom Baptist Church in Tarikpaa, while Team 1 went to a Hope Baptist Church in Sankpem.  Sankpem is the village that so desperately needs water. The church is made up of mostly children and about 7-8 adults.  Most of the residents of this village practice voodoo.  Last year, we had the privilege of being here for the commissioning of their first church building.  Returning there for a worship service was very special.  When we arrived, there were about 40 children sitting under a big tree, singing songs with Pastor Issah, the children's minister.  The students, led by Jackie Castro, sang Rescue the Perishing, the song she wrote after returning from her first trip to Ghana last year.  The people were so happy to see us and it is our prayer that we were an encouragement to them in some way.

Before we left the village, we were asked to go see  a woman in the village who had requested that we come pray for her.  When we arrived at her compound, we found out that she was the oldest woman in the village and most likely the oldest woman in all of the surrounding villages.  She, nor her children, knew her age, but we estimated her age to be close to 100.  She had a hip problem and could only get around a little with a walking stick.  What a joy and privilege to pray with her!

The afternoon was spent resting and recovering from jet lag (for some).  Pastor Mohammed came to the guesthouse and shared his testimony with us later in the afternoon.  He shared how he had once been a Muslim and then heard an IMB missionary tell about Jesus.  His testimony is very powerful and it reminded all of us how much God loves each of us and the lengths He will go to to reach one of His children.

Again, we are so thankful for the arrival of the rest of our team.  We are no longer Team 1 and Team 2.  We are one team for God.

Thank you all for your prayers and support.

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