Wednesday, July 6, 2011


(insert amazing picture of the storm here.  I tried for over an hour to get it to upload, to no avail)

Well, sometimes you are just too busy living it to write about it and that has been the case with our team.  I"ll try to do better the next couple of weeks.

On Sunday, we worshipped with our friends at Shalom Baptist in Tarikpaa.  Pastor Steven Napari preached and right in the middle of his sermon, a huge storm began to pass over.  We were thankful that the church had recently been roofed, but there are no window coverings or doors, so in came the fierce rain with the cool wind.  We were actually cold (and so were our Ghanaian friends!).  We had to wait awhile before we could leave the church because the Kumbumgu road is a dirt road and there are no drainage ditches.  We made it back to the guesthouse just fine, very thankful for the rain. It is planting season here and the rain is needed for the crops.

On Monday, we went back to Tarikpaa and did a VBS program for the lower primary students.  We have been going to this school every summer for several years so they know all the songs, which is really fun.  It reminds me that sometimes we reap the harvest that others have sown.  I am thinking of people like Audrey Salter, Elizabeth Mateer, Birgitte Obenchain, Amy Adams, Taylor Duggan and so many more who have spent their time in this field.  The children remember.

We spent Tuesday and Wednesday at Mole National Park, which was a four hr drive over mostly bumpy dirt roads, but so worth it.  Hopefully one of the team members will blog about that tomorrow, so please check back.

Please remember Team 2 in your prayers as they will be departing the US on Thursday at 1:30pm.  We have 8 more team members joining us and we are really looking forward to their arrival.

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