Sunday, July 3, 2011

Saturday - Orphan Care and Shopping

On Saturday, Jillian, Jackie and Tayler spent the day volunteering at a local orphan home.  The orphan home now has 9 babies, ages 2 and under.  The girls played with, rocked, changed, fed and napped them.  The workers there spend long hours at their jobs, so when the babies nap, so do they.  When I arrived to pick the girls up at 4:00pm, I found all three of them, along with one of the regular workers, sprawled out on the tile floor by the baby beds, sound asleep.  It was so cute and funny.

Colton and Joseph enjoyed sleeping in and then wandering around town.  Of course, Joseph found some chocolate chip cookies at a store, which he gladly shared with us later.  We didn't care that they were smashed to smithereens and in about a zillion little pieces.  They were wonderful!  They also discovered another little treasure, but that will stay a secret for now until our reinforcement (Team 2) arrives.  We are going to surprise them with it.

I spent my day in Tamale running errands.  I was able to find some really good Ghanaian curriculum for the new preschool that is opening at Shalom in September.  I also found some good quality plastic bowls for a good price for the school children, which is important because the nutritional supplements (powder) needs to be sprinkled on individual serving.  In this culture, several children normally share food from one bowl.

Prayer Needs:
*Continued good health for the American and Ghanaian teams
*A young Muslim man who we met a few days ago who is wanting to follow Jesus but will suffer great persecution from his family when he goes public with the decision.  At great risk, he actually spent two days on the field with our team, helping translate Bible stories.
*Team 2 preparing to depart Thurs
*our families back home
*for everything we say and do to glorify God

Thank you for your prayers and words of encouragement.  It is so wonderful to know that you all are there for us.


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